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Love is love is love

It’s sad that prop 8 passed in California.

Of all places, California.

My image of heaven, tarnished just a little bit by the bigotry displaced.

I really believed that love will win the day, persuade those “religious” people that love is sacred regardless what forms it might manifest.

But in the end, dogma won out. By 2%.

It’s a sad sad day.

Especially when a church would spend its time and energy rallying people to stop people from marrying and loving. The world is full of hate, despair and sadness. And the Mormon church thinks denying people the right to marry is a worthy cause to spend $40+ million and countless hours on.

I don’t understand.

But we will prevail. With time. With patience. With grace

In the meantime, I take solace in the compassion and kindness of strangers. Keith Olbermann expressed my outrage with such eloquence: