The children are our future

Congrats Matthew Mitcham for the gold medal in men’s 10m platform dive!

It’s awesome that an out gay athlete has captured a gold after coming out. Can you believe that out of the 10708 athletes in beijing right now, only one male athlete is out?

That’s insane, and terribly disappointing.

It’s telling that Matthew is 20 years old and some would say probably didn’t know any better to come out when he’s still competing.

Alot of my work is centered on consumer insights, especially on Gen Y consumers, so I’m not surprised to hear Matthew’s shockingly (to us oldies) lassez faire attitudes towards his sexuality.

He “came out” to Australia when a reporter asked him who he’s staying with and he casually mentions his partner Lachlan. This led to a national frenzy as he officially became the first Australian athlete to come out at the height of his career.

Except that he never thought of it as “coming out” – he was already out and had no where else to go out to.

Which hopefully means being gay is not such a big deal to the younger generation.


Check out uber cute Matthew standing right next to his partner and mum talking to the press about his gold medal. His interaction with his partner in front of the world press is priceless.


Cheap thrill of the day

Matt Harding dancing in Singapore.


Can I please have a job like this?

The nomad moves again

So I have been busy.

With work. With friends. With going on road trips to eat too many lobsters. With summer.

With life I guess.

This year’s summer has been weird to say the least. It has been unseasonally cold and rainy and there are even a few instances of tornados in Massachusetts, which is as freaky as they can I would think.

And on top of that, I’m moving again. My wonderful housemates, Sally and Miffy (yes, as in the rabbit), have left and I’m moving on too.

My friend Olivia asked “Why you move so much huh?”

Isn’t life all about moving?

It is to me. If I don’t believe I’m moving forward, I don’t really think I’m living. My fourth move in 2 years, lunacy to some, normalcy to me.

Danke Deutschland!

Trust the Europeans to get gay relationships right!

I have been watching CBS’ “As The World Turns” day time soap for a while because of the adorable gay teen couple Luke and Noah (or Nuke as we fans call them) but the recent plot “developments” are so lame it’s really turning me off the series.

So unlike every straight couple in soapland, they have kissed a grand total of, like, 6 times and each time is A REAL BIG DEAL. I’m serious – there are blogs counting the exact times they kissed.

That’s #1 folks… 9 months ago!

And after the third kiss, right wing christian groups started writing in to CBS to complain and to the main sponsor P & G to protest all these homo kissing. After that, Nuke kissed 2-3 more times but the plot line got really weird with an Iraqi girl thrown in for good measure.

So now, with everything getting back to normal (i.e. Iraqi girl gets sent to California… don’t ask, long story) and it seemed like Nuke can finally get back together. But nooooooo, Noah decides that he wants to enlist in the army!

Ehm, this is ridiculous?

What’s the point of doing a gay subplot if you are not going to do it properly? You might as well not do it alogether… it’s super patronizing to think that gay audience are going to sit through all these nonsense just to get some hot gay kissing time.

Kiss #3 seemed so long ago

Okie those 6 kisses were hot, but not hot enough for me to stick around watching this patronizing nonsense.

Besides everytime they nearly did anything remotely physical, something would come up and disturb them. They will probably only have sex when they are 80 and wrinkly. At that age, even I wouldn’t be interested in them.

Thankfully I found my new gay soap fix – Germany’s “Forbidden Love”!

Boyfriend J watched a few episodes and told me I was wasting my time with Nuke. I ignored him – what did I know? J, you were right. I was foolish.

Christian & Oliver: my new dream couple

I must say: Christian and Oliver’s mature relationship in “Forbidden Love” is much hotter than Nuke’s namby pamby puppy love. There is little of the “Oh no there must be something wrong with me cos I love a guy” silliness and thankfully little American guilt…. it’s so European!

I have little interest in anything German but I must say I’m very grateful for German soaps right now.

Makes me feel like downing a mug of cold frosted German beer.


Groom, you may now kiss the groom

It’s so cool watching history being changed right before your eyes.

Gay marriage legalized in California, who would have thought?

Oh wait, it happened before in 2004

But still… seeing all those beautiful photos of happy people getting married, being so together, being joined together in joy by their families.

And there’s really nothing like seeing two old ladies getting married to get your heart to sing…

Americans get so caught up with semantics, the right get so outraged about gay people corrupting the institution of marriage while the left gets all giddy with the idea of two men/women getting married.

But what’s happening in California is not about marriage per se, it’s about having a choice to be married in the first place.

It’s about equality, being able to be in the ICU when your partner is sick, being able to have kids together, being regarded as next of kin.. small things.

Small important things.

It’s really about the right to be together. Legally.

I’m sure not every gay couple wants to be married, projections estimate that only 100,000+ couples will get married because of the new ruling.

But the wonderful thing is that if and when a gay couple decides to, it is a right they can pursue just like everybody else.

Oh my, aren’t the natives stupid?

Don’t you just love it when white people come to Asia to stay in our gorgeous heritage homes and complain about the locals not being smart enough to stay in these wonderful architectural jewels?

New York Times’ (NYT) “Great Homes and Destinations” section currently features Jill and Andrew Pickering, an expat couple who is staying in colonial bungalows built by the british. While it’s always great to see Singapore mentioned in NYT, the snotty tone of the article and the couple featured in it makes it one seriously grating article.

The article features mainly “Real lives of Singapore expat wives” Jill Pickering talking about how wonderful these bungalows are and how much she loves them but there’s always a following commentary about how the silly locals just don’t want to stay in them. She mentions superstitious cabbies who wouldn’t send them home and how these buildings are unloved by “normal” Singaporeans

“Mrs Pickering: Oh don’t you love it when you go to another country where you are so much richer than the locals can ever dream to be?”

Don’t they realize that their monthly rent of $16,410 USD is more than 5 times the monthly income of average Singaporeans?

Don’t they know that Singapore real estate is one of the most expensive in the world and hence most Singaporeans stay in public housing cos they cannot afford anything else?

I have nothing against expats coming into Singapore and living it up in grand bungalows. Sure, I’m envious but hey, it’s their money, who am I to tell them how to spend their money?

But it’s another thing coming into Singapore and believing you’re better than the locals just because you have the means to afford such housing.

They obviously don’t hang out with Singaporeans much or they will know that Singaporeans don’t stay in such bungalows because:

#1: They are usually located in secluded hilly areas where it’s simply too inconvenient for most Singaporeans who don’t own cars to go in and out (cars are insanely expensive in Singapore).

#2: These homes are usually too big for average Singaporean families who, unlike the Pickering family, simply cannot afford separate buildings for each of their children (The Pickering’s 15-year-old son Harry stays in the stand alone cottage).

#3: Most Singaporean families cannot afford a garderner to take care of a 13,000 square feet home & garden

Her last line is really the kicker of the whole article – Mrs “Oh horrors, these savage natives” Pickering explains that “Singaporeans usually don’t like this type of home. They don’t like the jungle, the dark and the bugs. But at some point, I believe they will realize having nature like this is the ultimate luxury in this world.”

“Mrs Pickering: Don’t you just love our Asian furniture and artwork? These poor natives can’t even appreciate and showcase their own culture so we have to do it for them!”

At some point? You mean when these savage natives evolve into human beings?

Weather prediction: HOT

I have a perfect excuse for not blogging much: it’s too bloody hot!

Temperature in the east coast has skyrocketed to the high 90Fs and touched 100F today. This heat wave started on Saturday and is expected to last till tomorrow or Thursday.

I was sweating like a pig driving to the office since my car’s AC is not really working. Thinking that I was safe in my office, I couldn’t believe it when the office building’s power tripped and the AC went down. Are you kidding me?

The good thing is that we got to leave office at 3pm since HR was worried we would all dehydrate to death and sue the company to bankruptcy.

Speaking of weather, I chanced upon these ultra hot photos of CNN’s 40 year old weather man Rob Marciano’s photos for magazine Vman. Yes, 40 year old! OMG, what moisturizer does he use, I need one of those!

Maybe I should buy a TV afterall…. weather is essential knowledge….

Also I saw the dance moves of the current winner of “Britain’s Got Talent” (yes, the original show “America’s got talent” was copied from). 14 year old George Sampson dances light electric to the remixed version of “Singing in the rain” – amazing! What was I doing at 14 years old? Hanging out at basketball courts lusting after boys I guess… ahhhh wasted youth….

Is it me or are the kids getting smarter/funkier/amazing-er?