Iceland is my newest addiction

So I’m back from Iceland and boy am I glad I went!

You know how people always rave about how surreal Iceland is when they get back? Well it’s true, it is surreally beautiful, it does look like the moon.

Or at least what we think the moon likes like.

But yeah, Iceland is pretty amazing. There are few countries I would use the word amazing but Iceland is defintely one of them.

The people are nice and genuine, nothing American “I”m saying hi but I’m still walking cos I don’t really want to know if you are really alright” fakeness. When you talk to an Icelander, you know you are talking to a stranger. A nice helpful stranger but they don’t pretend otherwise.

Which to me is nice.

The landscape is awesome. Everything is so rugged and majestic, you feel like you are in “Lord of the Rings” except that this is even more magical.

Check out the moonscape:


Isn’t that gorgeous?

That’s Gulfoss, one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. It was freezing (I risked my fingers everytime I took a photo) but we stood there the longest time looking at it.

The Icelandic countrysides were really an exercise in beauty, there were just so many things to look at. Including cute “My little pony” horsies.


Surprisingly these horses were really friendly. You would think they are grouchy standing out in the cold all day.

We spent 2 days out in the countryside and 3 days in the capital Reykjavik. I wanted to like Reykjavik more and I do like it but as a city, it’s not the greatest. It’s a cute city no doubt but I would probably have more fun in Copenhagen, Oslo or the other scandi capitals.

I do like the houses there though. The cute box houses you find in Northern Europe.


But above all, I love love love Blue Lagoon. It’s awesome. You feel like Frodo entering Mordor but when you are in the pool, the -yes I’m going to say it again- beauty just really strikes you. You kind of wonder around dumbstruck cos the colors just amaze you.


And that’s only on the outside, check out the inside of the lagoon.


It’s like sleepwalking in a dream.

Iceland, wait for me. I’ll be back!


One response to “Iceland is my newest addiction

  1. Enjoyed your photos, did you get a chance to ride an Ice Pony? I sure do LOVE mine!

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