The pastry fiend is happy

I have been waiting for this moment for so long!

My first first canelle!

I keep hearing about the bakery Canto 6’s wonderful canelles but everytime I go there, they are gone. Doesn’t matter if I go at 10am, 1pm or 3pm (okie, so the last two timings are not the best)…. they are always sold out.

So anyways, on my way to the movie “Towelhead”, I decided to swing by Clear Flour, supposedly the best bakery in Boston to pick up some bread. Lo and behold, they had canelles!

So what if Clear Flour is not known for its pastries, it makes damn good bread so its pastries can’t be bad… can it?

Oh I’m going to walk on the wild side, I swooped down and carried away all 4 canelles before some pastry cop bust me for taking too many.

So now I have my canelles in front of me.

Okie, one canelle.

I ate one on the way to the cinema, I couldn’t wait. Another I ate along with my new housemate whom I gave one as well.

So I’m left with the last canelle.

My little morsel of pastry heaven.


One response to “The pastry fiend is happy

  1. I’m sorry…. it’s usually me that goes in and wipes them out when i get a chance.

    they are divine, aren’t they?

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