Running on empty

So I have this older gentleman friend…

Okie, he’s not really a gentleman and it’s not that kind of blog post. But he is much older and has been doing well for the past few years.

But anyways, he’s a higher level executive at a software company and he has been posted to the US for the past 2 years. Unlike most expats, he’s extremely frugal and have been diligently putting away money from his allowance and salary into his big biscuit tin.

Suffice to say, his allowance here is pretty ridiculous and he has managed to accumulate a big honey pot of cash after two years.

We started talking about what he has gained by his posting and beyond the wonderful cultural and travel opportunities, he revealed he has amassed close to 200K in cash just by being here!


It would take me years to save that kind of money.

Of course it’s not an apples to apples comparison but it still made me wonder about work in general. A mental image bubbled up:

Working = always running on the same spot.

Maybe I’ll stay in bed today.


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