Danke Deutschland!

Trust the Europeans to get gay relationships right!

I have been watching CBS’ “As The World Turns” day time soap for a while because of the adorable gay teen couple Luke and Noah (or Nuke as we fans call them) but the recent plot “developments” are so lame it’s really turning me off the series.

So unlike every straight couple in soapland, they have kissed a grand total of, like, 6 times and each time is A REAL BIG DEAL. I’m serious – there are blogs counting the exact times they kissed.

That’s #1 folks… 9 months ago!

And after the third kiss, right wing christian groups started writing in to CBS to complain and to the main sponsor P & G to protest all these homo kissing. After that, Nuke kissed 2-3 more times but the plot line got really weird with an Iraqi girl thrown in for good measure.

So now, with everything getting back to normal (i.e. Iraqi girl gets sent to California… don’t ask, long story) and it seemed like Nuke can finally get back together. But nooooooo, Noah decides that he wants to enlist in the army!

Ehm, this is ridiculous?

What’s the point of doing a gay subplot if you are not going to do it properly? You might as well not do it alogether… it’s super patronizing to think that gay audience are going to sit through all these nonsense just to get some hot gay kissing time.

Kiss #3 seemed so long ago

Okie those 6 kisses were hot, but not hot enough for me to stick around watching this patronizing nonsense.

Besides everytime they nearly did anything remotely physical, something would come up and disturb them. They will probably only have sex when they are 80 and wrinkly. At that age, even I wouldn’t be interested in them.

Thankfully I found my new gay soap fix – Germany’s “Forbidden Love”!

Boyfriend J watched a few episodes and told me I was wasting my time with Nuke. I ignored him – what did I know? J, you were right. I was foolish.

Christian & Oliver: my new dream couple

I must say: Christian and Oliver’s mature relationship in “Forbidden Love” is much hotter than Nuke’s namby pamby puppy love. There is little of the “Oh no there must be something wrong with me cos I love a guy” silliness and thankfully little American guilt…. it’s so European!

I have little interest in anything German but I must say I’m very grateful for German soaps right now.

Makes me feel like downing a mug of cold frosted German beer.



One response to “Danke Deutschland!

  1. como me encantaria que esta serie saliera en televicion latina y mo solo ami si no que a a muchos que saben de esta serie

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