Groom, you may now kiss the groom

It’s so cool watching history being changed right before your eyes.

Gay marriage legalized in California, who would have thought?

Oh wait, it happened before in 2004

But still… seeing all those beautiful photos of happy people getting married, being so together, being joined together in joy by their families.

And there’s really nothing like seeing two old ladies getting married to get your heart to sing…

Americans get so caught up with semantics, the right get so outraged about gay people corrupting the institution of marriage while the left gets all giddy with the idea of two men/women getting married.

But what’s happening in California is not about marriage per se, it’s about having a choice to be married in the first place.

It’s about equality, being able to be in the ICU when your partner is sick, being able to have kids together, being regarded as next of kin.. small things.

Small important things.

It’s really about the right to be together. Legally.

I’m sure not every gay couple wants to be married, projections estimate that only 100,000+ couples will get married because of the new ruling.

But the wonderful thing is that if and when a gay couple decides to, it is a right they can pursue just like everybody else.


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