Weather prediction: HOT

I have a perfect excuse for not blogging much: it’s too bloody hot!

Temperature in the east coast has skyrocketed to the high 90Fs and touched 100F today. This heat wave started on Saturday and is expected to last till tomorrow or Thursday.

I was sweating like a pig driving to the office since my car’s AC is not really working. Thinking that I was safe in my office, I couldn’t believe it when the office building’s power tripped and the AC went down. Are you kidding me?

The good thing is that we got to leave office at 3pm since HR was worried we would all dehydrate to death and sue the company to bankruptcy.

Speaking of weather, I chanced upon these ultra hot photos of CNN’s 40 year old weather man Rob Marciano’s photos for magazine Vman. Yes, 40 year old! OMG, what moisturizer does he use, I need one of those!

Maybe I should buy a TV afterall…. weather is essential knowledge….

Also I saw the dance moves of the current winner of “Britain’s Got Talent” (yes, the original show “America’s got talent” was copied from). 14 year old George Sampson dances light electric to the remixed version of “Singing in the rain” – amazing! What was I doing at 14 years old? Hanging out at basketball courts lusting after boys I guess… ahhhh wasted youth….

Is it me or are the kids getting smarter/funkier/amazing-er?


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