Qu’ils mangent de la spam

I know the American economy is not so healthy but surely things aren’t this bad?

Sales of monstrosity spam is rising rapidly as the economy flattens and consumers try to replace meat with spam.

Spam’s maker, Hormel Foods Corp., reported last week that it saw strong sales of Spam in the second quarter, helping push up its profits 14 percent. According to sales information coming from Hormel, provided by The Nielsen Co., Spam sales were up 10.6 percent in the 12-week period ending May 3, compared with last year. In the last 24 weeks, sales were up nearly 9 percent.

Apparently since food prices rose 4% in 2007, consumers have been finding ways to cut grocery bills. Spam has become a reasonable subsitute for many consumers trying to stretch their dollar – check out housewife Kimberly Quan’s statement to MSNBC:

“Quan cook meals like Spam fried rice and Spam sandwiches two or three times a month, up from once a month previously. Quan serves her husband and three children — ranging in age from 4 to 11 — organic vegetables like salads, broccoli and carrots. ‘It balances out,’ she said.”

Ehm no? Why not just shop at normal grocery stores and use the extra money to buy proper vegetables and meat?

And OMG, how gross is spam friend rice? Even if you don’t have the money to buy meat, why not vegetarian fried rice?

Surely that’s better than spam anything.

Je ne comprehend pas


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