On bended knees

The ABC show “Brothers and Sisters” (B&S) have got to be one of my favourite shows last year and this year.

Beyond the really well developed story arches and well rounded characters, B & S has one of the most fleshed out gay character on TV – Kevin Walker.

So throughout this current season, Kevin has oscillated between two guys – pastor Jason and chef-in-training Scotty. The past 10 episodes have Kevin breaking up with Jason and getting back to Scotty and trying to make things work by living together.

And when gossip started about an episode where Kevin proposes to Scotty, I was really curious to see how it would be like. Afterall, it’s not like everyday you see a guy proposing to another guy… much less on broadcast TV.

So when I watched last night’s episode of B & S, I knew the proposal scene was coming but was still blown away by how well written and sincere the scene was. The emotional charge of the scene was electrifying and I was blown away by how smart the proposal was….

Watch the clip and rejoice.


3 responses to “On bended knees

  1. Good brothers and sisters I am charmed with this program because it includes the topic of the homosexuality and I am gay separate I like because this man Matthew Rhys this one gallant

  2. I love Matthew Rhys

  3. pork me toco vivir esta vida no tengo nada e vivido ocultando todo lo k siento sin poder desirle a nadie k me gustan los hombres desgrasiadamente naci en una familia muy tradicional k nunca lo aseptaria y siento k mi vida pasa y no ago nada por luchar por lo k kiero pero asi vivire no me keda otra y aparte el amor nunca a llegado a mi vida y me ase tanta falta uno mmm pero nimodo me gustaria poder desislo com kevin en brothers and sister k su familia lo acepta .

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