Hillary, it’s time…

It’s a tipping point when I’m no longer excited about Hillary winning the Pennsylvania primary.

I was a staunch Hillary support – she’s not the easily person to like but you can tell she’s trying so so so hard. And of course she has the right qualifications, experience and toughness… blah blah blah.

But I really liked her cos she’s so misunderstood. Who doesn’t like an underdog?

Well unless she looks like that all the time but Hillary’s not the most charismatic leader out there and we still think she’s fab.

But with her losing so many primaries and the election date drawing near, it becomes increasingly clear that the longer the nomination process, the less time there is to convince the rest of America that we cannot have another Republican president.

McCain is probably the strongest Republican candidate chosen this election since he has a strong centrist appeal and it’s crucial the Democrats start appealing to swing voters as soon as possible. We definitely don’t need another John Kerry election where the Democrats lost by a few percentage points.

And I must say I have been impressed by Obama’s gains, there is something rather charismatic about this guy and he certainly holds the key to urban and young voters. His personality and whole “Change we can believe in” stance is more centrist than Hilary and would probably snag more swing voters than she can in the long run.

So Hillary…. it pains me to say this but I have to say it for the good of the collective mental health of the entire planet for the next 4 years.

I think maybe it’s time for you to step aside.


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