What I like to do in the dark

This week has been one long movie marathon.

It’s funny how when it rains, it pours. On Tuesday, I got invited to a free screening of “The Visitor” through this online movie group. On the same day, I found another free screening of “Smart People” for Wednesday.

And then on Thursday I realized that I needed to finish the movie ticket booklet I bought for this cinema and decided to go watch “The Band’s Visit” and “Under the Same Moon” on Saturday.

It’s like I started watching a movie on Tuesday and I didn’t leave the cinema the whole week.

Since I mainly download TV shows and movies to watch on my macbook now, watching movies is a real treat. There’s something about sitting in the dark facing a big screen that is immensely satisfying to me.

It’s funny that 3 out of 4 of these movies dealth with immigration on some level. “The Visitor” was about an university professor who befriends two strangers who happen to be in New York City illegally and was easily the best out of the lot – it was artfully directed with stand out performances from all the actors in the film. The theme of immigration was woven skillfully into the backdrop of New York City and it all rose to an emotional crescendo as the movie progressed.


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