New york times’ best new restaurant in Boston? Who knew?

Shocker of shockers!

Frank Bruni of New York Times just proclaimed Japanese restaurant O Ya in Boston to be the best new restaurant in USA. Frank, are you kidding me?

I have heard many wonderful things about O Ya – amazing food, wonderful presentation, ingenius use of japanese ingredients and very off-putting prices.

Photo credit: Erik Jacobs, New York Times

But best new restaurant in the US? Hmmmm…. generally I haven’t had really great food here in Boston. Even the really expensive restaurants have been underwhelming so far, I haven’t had a meal here where I could gush to my friends about.

Compared to Chicago, Boston neither has the low priced hole in the wall discoveries nor the amazing high end restaurants like Charlie Trotter’s, Alinea or Everest.

The only restaurant here that I have been truly impressed by is Ten Tables and that’s it. It’s kinda sad when you think about it.

Can O Ya change everything? Will I reach gourmet heaven there?

I’m going to make a reservation and bite the bullet of paying $200 for a sushi meal. After coming back from sushi heaven Asia….

Frank, you own me $200 if O Ya’s nothing short of amazing.


3 responses to “New york times’ best new restaurant in Boston? Who knew?

  1. I decided to make a trip there and see for myself. I also agree with you and had doubts. I managed to snag a seat at the sushi bar and I must say it was amazing. I usually dont agree with Frank… was worth the trip. As far as the money know your limit and stick to it. You can dine for $75 p/.

    Anyway loved it, my waitress was great. Very helpful and unpretentious. I thought she was the owner, without seeing the owners photo. She loved her job, I would to!!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    It’s good to hear you had a good time at O Ya, it seems like the real deal from what my friends have been telling me.

    I have to go. Soon. Will make reservations.

  3. Stumbled on your blog through Google Images… as a current denizen of Allston and a lifelong Boston-dweller, I can say that there’s great food around, but you do have to go looking. I’ve never been impressed by the “name” restaurants around here. But there’s more than ample cheap food (Ken’s Ramen, Porter Exchange, the entire town of Waltham), and I’ve become a fan of the hot pot place Shabu Zen in Chinatown.

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