I’m not a paedophile am I?

OMG that David Archuleta is too cute. Seriously.

I actually agree with Paula Abdul’s comment that I want to “pluck off his head and dangle him on my rear view mirror”. Paula, I hear you. Hard to believe I agree with what she’s saying considering how spacey she has been.

Check out David’s newest performance – “Imagine” by John Lennon.

He sounds like 17 going on 35.

He’s hot. That doesn’t make me some catholic priest right?

UPDATE: Reader Annie has very kindly offerred a David rear view mirror… ehm… talisman on her website to fulfil our Paula fantasies. Check out her design below and at http://www.owl-hat.blogspot.com



One response to “I’m not a paedophile am I?

  1. If you really want to be like Paula, go to http://www.owl-hat.blogspot.com and download a printable rearview window hanger thingy of David! and spread the word!! 🙂

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