Don’t we all deserve to be happily ever after?

Talk about control over your marketing!

Apparently someone leaked the full length movie trailer for the new Sex and the City movie early morning but by noon, New Line yanked it off most of the sites. There were quite a few spoilers on this trailer and my heart broke when I watched it….

Carrie’s getting married!


NOT. (Watch the trailer here for spoiler)


The line that really spoke to me was mid way through it. Carrie was quizzing her new assistant (yes starring Ms Jennifer “I’m so famous now Simon Cowell can get his own words for breakfast” Hudson) about why she moved to New York, she said:

“To fall in love.”

I know the feeling honey. But in my case, it was San Francisco, Chicago, Boston.

“And Cinderalla and the prince lived happily ever after… things don’t always happen like this in real life, I just think you should know that now.”

That’s the closing line of the trailer… somewhat sad no?


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