The new inguene

I haven’t watched much “American Idol” this season since I don’t have a TV and it’s just a pain downloading so many shows.

But I gotten quite fond of one particular contestant even without seeing an episode of the show.

David Archuleta (doesn’t that sound like a mexican dish or something?) has such an angelic voice but he sure has powerful pipes. But it’s really his winning personality that makes him so compelling, check out the end of the video where he’s simply so ecstatic about being on the show.

Maybe I should try to be more enthusiastic about stuff, his puppy dog glee must be wonderful energy. Or is it kinda nauseating being so cute at 30?

Anyways, he’s making me think I should start downloading American Idol. Awwwwwww that cuteness!

Yes Ryan, I want to adopt him!


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