I left my heart in San Francisco

San Francisco and I – we go way back.

SF was where I met boyfriend J. We met for 2 days and amongst the movie backdrop of perfect sun, sea and mountains, we fell in love.

I have always protested to my friends: no no no I fell in love with the city before I fell in love with J.

But that’s really splitting hairs, in many sense the city is as symbolic a signifier as J is for that specific passage of my life.

I’m now in San Francisco for a week to celebrate boyfriend J’s birthday with him and am staying at my friends’ amazing downtown apartment at Embarcadero.

For friends who are earning less than me working in a pricier city, they are certainly living it up! Check out the view from their balcony:


That’s day 1 vista, the city’s charming even in a heavy downpour.

But day 2 vista was really closer to what San Francisco really looks like.


Isn’t it a winner? Check out super cool Colt Tower in the background, I love walking those narrow streets up to the tower, muy romantico.

It’s super weird staying in their apartment, waking up at 9am to watch TV while they rush out for work. I roam around the city, shopping, eating, meeting friends and come back to their empty apartment since they come back very late from work.

Being jobless is a real luxury, especially when you’re in San Francisco.


One response to “I left my heart in San Francisco

  1. 🙂
    I am in love with SF too!!! I am French and could not believe that I can fall in love with another city than Paris….I did! I cheated:-)
    I will always love Paris though but SF is the place to live and stay. I am a city girl but where else in the world can you have a city life, great dining, and such beautiful landscapes??!!
    No where!
    Come and see us in the Marina district… you ll find more excuses to be in love!! 🙂

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