Make me a gay superhero

I’m such a sucker for reality shows. And makeovers. And hot guys

A reality tv show about hot guys being made into supermodels?


I was initially quite skeptical of Bravo’s new ripoff show “Make me a supermodel” since it’s such a wannabe me-too challenger to Tyra’s fab “America’s next top model”(ANTM).

But Bravo being so smart, decided to go one up in appealing to their gay audience. Not only have hot male contestants but also have one hot male contestant how’s gay!


I mean, look at the guy. How hot is this gay supermodel wannable from Chicago? (why I didn’t meet such hotness in Chicago when I was there? I don’t know)


And thankfully beneath that Abercombie & Fitch hotness lies a soul – he’s actually quite funny and down to earth in the show. And it’s wonderful that he doesn’t make a big deal of his sexuality, being gay is just part of his personality. It’s important but it’s not that important.

This week’s episode has him revealing his crush on another contestant, Ben, and it’s great that there’s no dramatic “I just want to tell everybody that I’m gay” moment. And also kudos to Mr. Prison Guard straight guy for being graceful with the attention.


Awwwww…….. *heart melts*

So until ANTM comes back, I’ll be watching Ronnie every week.

Every gay boy needs his action figure superhero, even if he comes in glitter and tight shorts.



One response to “Make me a gay superhero

  1. I’ve got a nice pic of a gay superhero for you:


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