Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be happy right?

I just watched the bestest movie of 2007 – “Juno”


So smart. So funny. So real.

I like.

Fancy watching a movie about a teenage girl getting pregnant to get me all revved up. But I just fell in love with the movie at the start, I always know if I will hate or love a movie after the first 5 mins.

I knew this movie was great instantly.

Aside from the accolades the movie has garnered (all true – brilliant acting, witty witty script, lots of heart), I really fell hard for this movie cos it brought back so many memories.

Memories of watching tons of awesome movies and getting so happy about them. It was alot easier to get happy then… a kickass movie was enough, seriously.

Now I’m thinking about buying 1+ million USD houses, starting my company, having a kid blah blah blah. All these adult stuff right? Ironically all these “achievements” I have been planning has been really getting me down.

I don’t think I was really happy in 2007. Everything was about waiting. Waiting to save enough money. Waiting for my visa to come through. Waiting to see if I liked my new job. Waiting for the economy to tank so that I can buy a house cheap.

Waiting is no fun.  Quarterlife crisis is a real bitch.

Living is. I missed having a little joie de vivre.

I had tons of fun this afternoon. And I’m reminded my life can get all screwed up and things will still be alright. No visa, no job, no nothing?

That’s fine. I’m alright, I have plenty as it is.

Thank you for everything.


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