No muffin? Alright, how about a biscotti instead?

I cannot believe I used to pay $2 USD for a teeny weey itsy bitsy biscotti.

Its insane because biscottis are really easy to make!

For me, I always thought biscottis are pretty sophisticated treats paired with a strong cuppa of coffee. This is especially true when I’m faced with a mouth watering array of flavored biscottis – I used to frequent this wonderful biscotti store in Pittsburgh that had more than 25 flavors, I had a tough time trying every flavor within one summer.

But really, stripped of all snazzy cultural connotations, biscottis are really nothing more than….


Thats right, biscuits. Buttery flour based confectionaries called biscuits.

Okay so the italians know how to do normal things sexier and biscottis are more interesting than a tin can of danish butter biscuits. But I kinda lost my illusions about these finger sized treats and decided to try making some today.

And I’m happy to say my first batch of biscottis turned out really well.

I’ll get some of my friends to be my guinea pigs this weekend but they sure look like some tasty biscuits to me.


For anybody interested to make their own italian biscottis, I used this recipe.


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