The long days of idle

Days are long when you don’t have anything specific to do.

As I’m waiting for my new H1B work visa to come through, I’m temporary jobless and hanging out at my friend’s pad in Chicago.

Wake up. Eat breakfast. Decide what to do for the afternoon. Watch some daytime soap to look at shirtless hunks and feel fat. Watch a few movies at the cineplex. Come back to make dinner. Watch new episodes of Project Runway/Ugly Betty/Amazing Race. Sleep.

I don’t know how housewives can do this for their whole lives.

It’s a nice change for me for a few days but I can imagine how tedious it would be after a week.

TV makes even boredom look sexy – I don’t think being a Desperate Housewife is as sexy/glamorous/intriguing ABC makes it out to be.


Or I should just hire a hot gardener….


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