A New York Full Circle part 2

It’s the season of coming and going.
Xmas is next, 2007 is so… 2007.
It’s the season where people say goodbyes, and hopefully say hello again.
I just said hello and goodbye to New York City within the span of 15 mins. Having just gotten off the bus from Boston , I boarded the bus bound for Washington DC and left after a 15 mins quickie with NYC.
Would it be childish to feel somewhat smug that I use NYC as a transit stop now? (even though taking the bus is not the most glamorous mode of transport) Do my friends back home in Singapore think it’s very cool that I treat NYC with such nonchalance?
But I guess I really have grown up a little. It was *gasp* ten years ago I first came to New York City with two star struck friends. We were young, eager and Singapore – it was a big adventure coming to the Big Apple for the first time.
It was New York City ! It was a VERY BIG DEAL.
It was so glamorous to be in NYC, even if we were camera toting tourists barely able to walk a few steps before we whipped out our cameras to snap a photo.
You can always tell who the tourists are, they are always looking up.
I guess I don’t look up as much. I still gawk a little when I’m in NYC… I’m not that jaded.
But I’m no longer the ingénue.
Sadly. Thankfully. Wistfully.

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