A new york full circle

So I’m back at Gay Street (sniggers, snigers).

I’m now on the hunt for the perfect Magnolia Bakery cupcake and I’m somewhat lost in the village.

Since the roads here are not in grinds, I wound up going in circles and landed up at Gray’s hotdog. For old time’s sake, I had two hot dogs standing by the windows, looking at harried New Yorkers (on a saturday) hurry by to attend to their one thousand and one things… new york new york new york.

While chomping down the hot dogs (hey running around makes me hungry) ,  I  realised that I had hunted down Gray’s after doing my intensive tourist’s research 8 years ago. Since I was a student at that time, something iconic, interesting and most importantly cheap was crucial. Hot dogs were so… new york to me as a tourist. Eating those hot dogs while surveying the scene seemed so quintessentially new york.

But eating the hot dogs, they were a little too salty, a little too processed. It seemed very 60s new york rather than the gourmet fixated new york now. With the ibankers moving in, star chefs taking over restaurants, NYC is less about the gritty and more about the glamour.

And so, Magnolia.

Everybody knows Magnolia, everybody wants to be Carrie (okie fine, all girls and gay men), everybody wants to feel like they are on top of things. Magnolia was the it snack a few years ago and I’m eating it late, but I’m from Boston, so I got an excuse.

So I shoved my way in, elbowed 3 Japanese tourists, stared down a New Yorker trying to muscle in on my cupcakes and finally got my stash. $15 for 5 cupcakes, yes, it’s that insane.


But now walking down Bleecker, the small indie shops are gone and are all replaced by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs (hands up who’s not sick of his endless nekkidness). I walked into one of them and women were fighting over skimpy tshirts with clever slogans… hmmm.. that’s so … LA isn’t it?

The masses have gone rich and wealth has to be shown. Of course only showing your wealth/smarts/coolness/bullshit in a clever wink wink itshirt/itbag/itdog/itsomething.

Everybody wants their cupcake and eat it too.


One response to “A new york full circle

  1. very carrie bradshaw, daniel teo.

    elwin chan.

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