Mr. and Mr. Happily Ever After

I hate to admit it but I just watched an Adam Sandler movie and quite liked it.

With boyfriend gone, my nights are suddenly free and I have been watching numerous TV shows and DVDs to pass the time. So yes, that means lots of “America’s Next Top Model” (doesn’t the “big momma is soooooo full of love” act ever get old?), Top Chef (Yeah Asian guy wins!) and “Brothers & Sisters” (why did Kevin’s boyfriend have to go to Malaysia? those natives don’t need no colonialism!)…

But tonight was an awkward night in between shows, oh what am i going to watch?

So I watched “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry” because… ehm… it’s somewhat gay?


And I needed a comedy to put off rewriting my resume. Reinvention is always hard work,

I must say I’m quite surprised I liked it as much. I read all the reviews about it being somewhat patronizing in its approach to gay issues – let’s gloss over critical issues with some pink fairy stardust and “opps I dropped the soap” jokes.

And sure, there were tons of lamo gay jokes and silly gay stereotypes. But the movie was done in good spirit and there were quite alot of impassionate “our sexuality doesn’t define us” speeches, which was nice.

And it’s pretty funny! Kevin James and Adam Sandler have a natural chemistry making the whole movie was good natured fun. Yeah, I could get offensive about many of the stereotypes (and there were many) but the movie clearly wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously. The jokes might not be the most sophisticated but I don’t feel they were at our expense.

The movie also had gay cameos for icing, there was Richard Chamberlain (below: check out how hot he was when he was young!) and Lance Bass flying the GLBT flag.


And really, there’s only so many times you can say the “we are so oppressed, we need equal rights” speech to straight people.

I call it the “Will & Grace” dilemna – Will might be a sexless eunuch but being invisible is truly impotence.


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