New England Spring

It’s finally Spring!

Boston has been warming up the past 2 weeks and finally it feels like Spring. No need for sweaters, scarfs and other winter gear – feels so much better without being bundled up like a mummy.

With the weather so agreeable and boyfriend J finally back from California, we went for a walk in Mt. Auburn Cemetary. It’s 5 mins walk from my apartment and I finally decided to check it out last weekend when I was alone at home. The cemetary is apparently quite famous – it was the green belt of Boston many decades ago and rich Bostonian all wanted to be buried in this premium spot of land. The cemetary was also famed for it lush botanical gardens and provided a welcome respite to urban Bostonians fleeing the city grime.


And walking through the cemetary, I understood the early Bostonian’s love affair with it. Being a Singaporean boy, I was fully expecting just alot of tomb stones, some big trees and random flowers planted to remember the death like our Lim Chu Kang Cemetary back home. But Mt. Auburn Cemetary was clearly well designed and wonderfully executed with charming windy roads, beautiful artistic tombs and 3 man made ponds framed by willow trees.

Walking around the cemetary at dusk was a beautiful but sombering experience – that’s what it all comes down to eventually, ashes to ashes. The flowers were in full bloom, trees growing right next to tombs, carrying on the cycle of life from death….

The cutest thing about the cemetary was the somewhat creepy fairy tale like road signs. I particularly like this one, a good metaphor for life:


Life’s a one way ticket, live it well while there’s still road ahead.


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