Lobster rolls, my new mission

I get obsessed with things that I like and they start becoming missions for me where I simply need to find out everything about them.

For the past few weeks, it has been wine. I have attended all the wine tastings in town and have been loitering Shaw’s wine aisles every other day to see if they have new wines in since I live 5 mins from them. (Good job on the new French wines Shaws!)

Now last week, my friend who recently became a new Chicagoan came to Boston for a visit and I was thinking what’s quintessentially New Englandy that I could show her….

That’s how I became obsessed with lobster rolls.

The biggest, the cheapest, the freshest, the most authentic…. I needed to know what was out there in lobsterollland.

After hours of intense research, we were off to Maine for the best clam and lobster shacks in Kennebunk and Freeport.

Except nobody told me that these wonderful authentic shacks with cheap cheap cheap seafood were closed during the winter.


But no matters, friend Jolene, boyfriend J and I had a super time just driving past beautiful frozen landscapes and then eating at this glorious seafood restaurant Street & Co. (33 wharf street, portland, ME). Look at how fresh the scallop and lobster were, they sent shockwaves to the mouth with their tender buttery texture.



Portland in generall really impressed me, it wasn’t the small little fishing village as I imagined. It was alot more diverse, aware and hip, okie fine maybe not hip but certainly interesting. The whole feel of the city was very European, Dutch perhaps? The streets were narrow and some were cobble stoned, creating a very laid back aura to the place. We hung out at this cafe and people were just hanging out and talking without the manic buzz of most American cities.

Not frazzled, anxious or pushy, people were pretty nice. Maybe they’re really Canadians.


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  1. Here’s more on that New England (Maine) REALTOR® scandal:


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