I have a date with spring

My friend (yes you Rosa!) asked me why I don’t blog everyday. As you noticed, I’m quite a pathetic blogger, there are usually a week or two between my postings, and I rarely post photos on me blog unless I feel inspired.

My only defence is work. Horrid horrid work.

The past two weeks have simply been quite dreadful, since I was gearing up for a business trip to see my client. There was so many reports to write, graphs to make and meetings to attend. So much preparation, hand wringing, late nights amounted to 4 hours of intense grilling by the client and next thing I know, we were shown the door and “have a good flight!”

Now I know why TV always show professionals congregating at a bar after work, god knows I needed one after that meeting.

This week looks slightly better, the office has deliverables to the client but at least there’s some leeway with the timeline. Nothing like distance to keep your client off the top of your consciousness, a 3 hour flight between us and them is something I treasure very much.

And the best thing is that spring seems to be on her way, it was so warm today that I didn’t need to wear a jacket when i went out of the office.


Very soon, it’s summer time and Cape Cod!

For now, I’ll appreciate what’s left of the snow and ice. Boyfriend J and I took a walk on Charles River to enjoy the snow scene. Just standing by the river bank, it was a peaceful moment of reflection and contentment.

Beauty frozen.



One response to “I have a date with spring

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