Different kind of H20


Calling all wine lovers in watertown. New to watertown, looking for wine buddies to start a watertown wine tasting club.

Have been visiting the wine stores for wine tasting but the wine stores here don’t seem like a place you really want to spend alot of time in, savoring the wine. They are more of a grab the wine and run kinda place? Not talking aout fancy wine bars of course, I’m interested in the wine more than being seen in the right places.

Also would be nice to know like minded people to drink wine with. Always a good thing to end a stressful working day with good conversations and a nice glass of Pinot Noir… or Malbec… or (insert your fav appelation).

Also I think a better idea than hitting wine tastings every other day would be to have a wine tasting group where everybody can bring a bottle according to the theme (foreign wines, Californian wine, wine to drink while eating Asian food etc.). Would be easier to taste different wines that way… economies of scale!

So fellow wine loving watertownians, what do you say? I’m already thinking about my Cloudy Bay from New Zealand! 🙂



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