Holidays are best savored after…

Apologies for the short break from blogging, I just got back from a whirlwind tour of the Yucatan region of Mexico and started work two days ago. It’s been a hectic hectic three weeks…. I feel like I’m starting a whole new life rather than just a new job.

And just for you, my greetings from Mexico memory land. Check out the pristine beach and blue blue waters, the Maya Riveria is insanely beautiful.


Now I’m bombarded with “So how’s Mexico?” questions and I do my half smile and go “Oh it’s nice”, my “I kinda liked it but didn’t” polite answer. If you got nothing nice to say then keep (semi) quiet right?

In truth, Mexico paled in comparison to the South American countries of Peru and Bolivia I visited last year, where everything was bigger, brighter and cheaper. Everybody there were friendlier and less Americanized, no hispanics wishing they were blinked out thugs there… everybody wanted to be friends and had visibly less concerns about making money. I doubt Mexico is poorer than Peru and Bolivia but the poverty in Mexico seemed more desperate and urgent.

The Mayan ruins were great, but again (boyfriend J will roll his eyes at this) less impressive than the Inca sites of Machu Piccu and others. I did like the Yucatan rainforest setting of most of the ruins but really it’s hard to beat the breath taking mountain view of Machu Piccu. Add the occasional Llama violently spitting grass in your face, Machu Piccu is pure magic.

And the food? The first grilled meat and tortilla was nice. The second, not bad. The third, nice. The 424th, not so good. I’m quite surprised by the lack of diversity in Mexican, or rather Yucatacan, cooking. I did fall in love with Sopa de Lima (chicken soup with mucho mucho lime) but beyond that, nothing really exciting that I would eat again and again.


And on top of that, I find Mexico somewhat expensive. Meals never went below $4 USD even in cheap dives and accomodations were distinctly more expensive than South America. I blame the hordes of American tourist for that! (glares angrily at boyfriend J)

Next trip, Cuba? Wait for me Fidel!

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