Nothing short of wonderful

I’m just amazed by the responses to my postings about housing difficulties in Boston. I have received many messages from kind Bostonians, particularly from indignant Watertownians, with insightful advice about the intricacies of apartment hunting Boston style.

Keep those advices coming, I really appreciate it, god knows I need them!

 I’ll keep you guys posted on where I eventually end up, we could hang out at a cafe at a neighborhood near you.   🙂




2 responses to “Nothing short of wonderful

  1. I live in Dorchester and like it. Take the Red Line south to Savin Hill and take a right out of the station. Walk across the bridge over 93 and take a right on Playstead to go to the beach, or continue on Savin Hill Ave to see some nice old houses. Grampian Way is a loop with a nice view.

    Take a left out of the station, cross Dorchester Ave and Pleasant Street to walk up Jones Hill on Cushing Ave. More beautiful Victorians up there.

  2. heya! happy birthday! many blissful returns of the day! may you always be blessed with good health and bright, cheery days… 🙂

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