Neither in nor out

I’m really starting to like Boston.

Spent the whole day walking around different areas, eating, people watching, ogling quaint European architecture… it’s envigorating being surrounded by so much history, knowledge and beauty.

It was unusually hot tonight, didn’t feel like winter at all. Boo for the environment and polar bears drowning in the Artic but yeah for me eating my delicious Chilean sandwich at downtown crossing. Check it out!


This sandwich store was just a hole in the wall kinda place but the sandwich sure was good. The grilled beef with a mountain of tomatoes, beans, avocado and peppers made for a hearty meal. Gosh, I’m hungry again just writing about it.


For me as an outsider looking in, Boston is really a playground of new sensations. I love it when a city is so new to me, every vista is a vision to me, every new dish a revelation, every urban sound music.

I love it when I’m not jaded.


5 responses to “Neither in nor out

  1. Ahhhh, Chacarero. The new indoor location is great.

  2. Where is this new indoor location? Pray tell!

  3. From Washington St in Downtown Crossing, take Bromfield towards the park, then your first right (Province St. I think). Kind of hidden, lines weren’t as bad when I was there a month or two ago.

    It’s on now, too.

  4. Ah, chacareros. I’ve been to that hole in the wall, and the sandwiches really are amazing…

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