Room in your heart for a gay couple


Moving is such a pain. Moving to an expensive city is a nightmare.

I always thought the current rent I’m paying for my Chicago apartment was pretty high but spending the past 2-3 weeks sending numerous emails to strangers in Boston asking for accomodation has been frustrating to say the least.

My friends might envy me for finding an American job, read: huge American pay, in a cool city but they don’t envy me when I talk about the rents in Boston. I never imagined being so happy finding a room in a shared apartment for 800 USD, my definition of affordability has been redefined by Boston even before I get there.

Add a boyfriend who’s sharing the room with me, the search for the perfect apartment with wonderful housemates in the perfect location is impossibly arduous. I guess getting a room as a couple is hard but as a gay couple, odds are stacked even higher against you, even in a state like massachusetts.

The only things worse than apartment rejection are replies like “I’m a live and let live person and I don’t mind what you guys do in your bedroom.” Love the sinner but not the sin huh?

Boston, here I come. Are you ready?


2 responses to “Room in your heart for a gay couple

  1. You’re renting a room in a shared apartment? Hmm. So when I visit, I’m staying in the loo? Hehe 😛

  2. Careful, some rental agents in Boston are shady.

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